Envero WC / Urinal Care


The Envero Kleen ( Auto Kleen) is a unique, fully automatic surface care system for both hygiene and odor control. Cleans and deodorizes toilets and urinals while simultaneously emitting a clean, fresh scent.


The system is uniquely designed to dramatically improve the overall cleanliness, image and air quality of any washroom. Powerful biodegradable cleaning solutions prevent scaling and help prevent blockages in drains, pipes and traps, hence eliminating breeding grounds of odor problems, right at the source. The Cleaner and Deodorizer truly neutralizes malodors and leaves a modern, fresh fragrance, day and night.



Urinal deodorizer blocks (also called urinal cakes, para blocks, urinal mints, urinal pucks, urinal screens) are small disinfectant blocks found in urinals.The purpose of these blocks is to disinfect, reduce odors, or mask odors of restroom urinals. They are placed above the urinal drain, often in the confines of a small plastic trap (urinal screen) that prevents their loss down the drain when they dissolve to a small size.


Urinal deodorizer blocks are tablets (usually cylindrical in shape). The chemicals composing the block may vary. The original formulations were of naphthalene and later para-dichlorobenzene (pDCB), both now known to be hazardous to health by inhalation. Urinal blocks do not readily dissolve in water or urine, but do easily sublime into the air, creating a sickly-sweet odor and anti-mould and disinfectant effects.